Lose weight

My consciousness? Not aware

No week of medical career has passed without me hearing, in the mouth of a manifest overweight patient: “Yet you know, doctor, I eat almost nothing!” Why go to conflict? It is already with oneself, with one’s own common sense. I kindly support this one. “We don’t absorb ambient air. There are inputs and outputs. Calories ingested and burned. The balance is not good for you.”

The food field shows consciousness as a transient aboard a body crowded with automatisms. Fear of lack, hidden. The hands unknowingly pick up everything that is lying around. Dreaming on the 1st class deck, the consciousness perceives nothing of the neuroses and miseries of the lower bridges.

In many people who simply do not have empathy, the unconscious reacts by monopolizing what remains available. Food, cornucopia currently the most accessible. The holds fill up, the boat remains at the dock. Equipped inside an army of builders, it acquires additional holds. The body swells.

What slows down the intake but also the weight loss

Why don’t we inflate unlimitedly when the inputs are continually in excess? Compensation operates. The body expends increasing energy to move its enormous mass. It burns more calories. Weight gain slows down and finds a new balance. At least among those who are still moving. The immobilized disabled have no real limit. It is the heart function that eventually reaches his own.

A slowdown also awaits those who seek to lose weight only through physical exertion. It reaches a threshold where the weight no longer drops. She would have to exponentially increase her calorie expenditure to keep losing. The most reasonable thing is to start taking care of the inputs.

A little report on yourself

Nothing replaces, in this matter, the advice of a dietician. The condition for success? That our consciousness is really in control, instead of trying to hide its powerlessness from those around it. What if I did a little report on myself? Let’s check the facts. So let’s place a few webcams in the house and let’s run for a week. Here is my consciousness finally equipped with its surveillance system.

No need to keep the CIA awake for long. Once my consciousness finally knows the realities, it will finally reprogram my automatisms correctly. The unconscious is not a rebellious second brain. Only an instinctive animal quite obtuse and slow to re-educate. This has advantages. Such conservatism is the basis for the continuity of my personality. And protects it. Does my consciousness still know how to tinker with it correctly? Sometimes it is right to resist. Our intuition lets us know.

To lose weight is to thin the blur on the future. Gain control over your life.


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